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Fees & Booking

Psychotherapy Fees

Face to face, Phone or Video


  60 Min Session:             €  70.00

120  Min Session(s)         €100.00*


*(These can be split into 2 separate sessions, per week)

I also offer a sliding scale of fees (for people that cannot afford to pay the above fees, at this time) This is for a limited number of slots each week. And it is used only for limited purposes.

Cancellation Fee

If an appointment is cancelled, a cancellation fee can apply, especially if it is within 24 hrs of the agreed appointment, time and date.



There are three ways to book:

  1. Contact Form


  3. 086 - 8038792


Fragile Pampas

I sometimes look at life, as like sitting in a deck chair at the water’s edge on a beach.

Sometimes the waves are caressing our feet. Other times the water is rough and the waves roughly break against us, leaving us in need of support.  But there is no doubt that the waves never stop.

That is life I am afraid - full of challenges.

Let’s work on your challenges and see how we can eliminate or alleviate their effect on you.

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