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Psychotherapy supports personal growth and development. 

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At times we all need to speak to someone who can support us in a way that maybe others can't.

With the help of a professional you can gain insight into: 

  • How you think and behave and why

  • How to improve the quality of your relationships

  • Optimising your current well-being

  • Techniques that you can learn for better self-care

  • Decrease excesses in moods like anxiety and depressed states

  • A better understanding of your earlier life or unresolved conflicts with certain people

My approach.

I became a Psychologist because I believe that our software (mind) is more important than our hardware (body).


It's the mind that controls our thoughts and actions. Yet at times, we all give the mind less attention and care compared to our bodies.

We need to care for mind and body in tandem.

I'm just as interested in what's going right in a person’s life, as much as what is going wrong. As when you look at what is going right, this is where your strengths and resilience lies. Harnessing our strengths builds resilience .Yet we know so little about the strengths that we have and much more about what's going wrong.

Working with a therapist allows us to learn how to harness these strengths to help us through life's inevitable challenges.

I work with all clients with compassion, respect and a significant admiration for the courage and resilience that I witness in every person I meet.

Working together we can bring about positive change in your life. 


We need to care for our mind and body in tandem.

Harnessing our strengths, 

builds resilience.

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Areas I work with.

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Do you feel stressed, under pressure, or even down in yourself and want to change how you feel?  

Life can feel overwhelming at times and as a result our well-being and happiness can be impacted. At times like this, we all need someone who can offer support.

Despite having many people around, it can seem that no one is able to help us through this period of our lives.  This is when a psychotherapist can help, using the correct tools to help you access your inner strength and get back on track.

I am here to tell you that there is hope and you are not alone.

Areas I work with

Taking the first step.

I know it can be difficult to take the first step, but it's my job to guide you through this process of therapy. 

You are in complete control of this process.  You and I will talk about what you want to discuss and just as important; what you don’t.

I work with individuals in a number of ways.  The first stage is a call to discuss what you feel you need to work on. I then outline what I feel I can do to support you and if we are both happy, we'll arrange our first session.


In general, most issues take time to work on. Initially we may simply work on reducing the symptoms of the distress. Secondly, we get down to the causes of the distress which may be totally different than the symptoms.


For example you may feel depressed, but the cause of this may be low self-esteem. So, the self-esteem needs to be worked on in addition to reducing the symptoms of depression.

I offer sessions in person, over the phone or by video call. 

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Reach out today.

Choosing the right therapist is an important process and I understand the difficulty in taking that first step.

I offer a complimentary 15 minute exploratory phone call to all prospective clients.

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