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One of my joys is to write about the human condition called life. 

​In my up-coming book; Time to Change The Way We Care, I share my experiences working with the many clients and carers that I have had the privilege of working with. 

The strength and resilience of my clients inspires me and I wanted to share these learnings with a wider audience. Specifically highlighting that we need to work more on what is going right in people's lives, rather than working on primarily what is going wrong. ​​

I'm very interested in how we can improve how we self-care, as we're generally much much better at caring for others than caring for ourselves. This is especially relevant for people that care for a living.   Reserve your signed copy today.

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Coming soon.

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Illustrated Book Cover

Time To Change

The Way We Care

Dr Dermot Casey

Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs in today’s ever-changing fast-moving world we live in.

It’s time for us to look at how best to care for ourselves and others.

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