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Resilience to me is one of the most fundamental processes that we all have operating in us, from the day that we are born to the day that we die. We all very much have our own individual way of being resilient - do you know yours? Please note that resilience is a process not a trait. So, like any process it can be changed and enhanced to meet our changing life needs. This is either in our private or work lives. 

If we want to understand the resilience process better, we need to look at what I call the three-pillar process.

1. What types of adversities (Challenges) do we experience every day.

2. What are the different coping mechanisms that we can use (Protective factors)

 3. What are the factors that can influence our resilience levels (Influencing factors)

For the last number of years, I have offered workshops regarding the process of Resilience and how we can enhance same, for teams of people and groups. I also offer talks on same if required. 

Both workshops and talks can be modified for what you want and the audience that you have. What also can be arranged are booklets that people can take away with them outlining all of the material covered. 

They are very much based on reflection of the daily process that we are all engaged in each day, in order to survive and thrive in this difficult world that we all live in today. 

Self Care


Self-care,  for the last few years I have been very interested in the process of care. As we are all very much involved in this process every day. Especially if you are a parent, partner, work colleague, a friend or family member – we care in all of these relationships, maybe in different ways. So, we are engaged in a lot of caring in our lives. 

However, for me the most important type of care is self-care. And it’s the area that we spend least meaningful time on each day. Now I am not talking about survival self-care here, which includes eating, drinking, sleep, exercise etc. 

Caring for ourselves involves a lot more and could be summarised or measured in our level of well-being. Please see on this website details of my book, entitled Time to Change the Way that we Care. This book talks about this process of care in a lot more detail and how we especially need to change same, because of living today in the 21st century. 

These talks are especially relevant for teams of people in work who are working in very competitive environments  and forget that they must also care for themselves.


I offer talks on this subject of self-care and how we need to care for ourselves in different ways.

Parental Supports

Parental Supports

I have worked with families for many years and though there is a lot of work done with parents, it is my belief that more focus needs to be put on parental supports. For all parents that are reading these words here today, you will understand what I mean when I say that being a parent is very rewarding to be working with people that we love, our children. However, it can be hard at times and always challenging. 

I offer talks for teams and groups around parental supports. This will be taken from programs that I developed with others called Just for Dads & Just for Mams. The emphasis of these talks or programs is that parents need to learn again how to care for themselves and build their own self-esteem so as to maximise their well-being. All Parents deserve this.

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